Monday, March 24, 2008

Blogging Break

I am sad to announce to my loyal readers, that I am going on atleast a two week blogging break. We have SO much going on around here that I just don't have the time to devote to typing and downloading! I mean you should see my laundry pile these days! *gasp*

Besides moving I have Vivi's first dentist appt., another egg hunt, shopping and preparing for a wedding shower here this weekend, baking for playgroup, a garage sale, packing, moving, grocery shopping, cleaning, Mops, and a road trip w/ the kids to San Antonio. Whew! I am tired just thinking about all that. And aside from that we bought a laptop computer with the money we have made from Craigslist and so until we get Wireless set up at the new apartment, I will not have internet axcess. :(

So I am signing off...with tears in my eyes...*sniff*

Just kidding, but seriously I will be back soon with more pictures, stories, and updates than ever as I try to catch up after my blog hiatus. Bye, Bye Blog Buddies!

Easter Pics

I have more of the kids doing their egg hunt in the house, but I just have these to post-you will have to use your imagination for the rest! I am having a hard time locating the camera today in all the chaos, so I can't download my second memory card, sheesh. We had a great Easter dinner here as our tradition has been for the past 4 years. Even though our house is in a bit of disarray and lacking some furniture, we thought one last family holiday was in order! We sold our dining room table and chairs on Sat. so we had to set up a card table, but with a festive table cloth and center pieces it all still looked cute! Isaac and Vivi loved their Easter baskets that Mommy assembled and had fun doing their egg hunt with cousin Samantha, along with decorating some eggs with Veggie Tale shrink wrappers. For dessert the older two got to enjoy their chocolate bunnies and I made my ever-popular chocolate lava cakes for the adults. Yummy!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Easter Portraits

We did these portraits the weekend before it snowed here, if you can believe it!
Isaac chose the color scheme...yellow...his favorite color of course!
Happy Easter!

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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Fun Times at the Galleria

Vivianna enjoyed her first "baby girls day out" at the mall w/her friends.
Having fun below playing with Monae. Yesterday we met up with my friends Brandi and Kristin and their two little munchkins each! We played on the playground and ate lunch. It was nice to get out of the house after so much rain! The kids did great. Isaac insisted on sitting next to the girls instead of across the table. It is so cute to see them getting into having friends at this age. Vivi loved meeting her new friend, Gracie. Kristin, Matt, and Big Sister Jaimes (pictured above w/Isaac) welcomed her home on the 14th- Vivi's birthday. Isn't she adorable?! And we were privileged to be at the mall with them on Gracie's first birthday (March 19th)! This now makes my 3rd friend that has a one year old baby girl! So fun for Vivi and us!
Happy birthday and Welcome Home, Gracie!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Isaac's School Spring Fling

The Thursday before Vivi's birthday was the school's spring carnival/egg hunt/fund raiser. They covered all their bases! The kids all got to hunt for 12 eggs, play in bounce houses, eat lots of free popcorn, cotton candy, and snow cones, ride the train, and do a petting zoo. We got to buy raffle tickets for really great prizes, which sadly we didn't win any. It was so windy that day and a bit too chilly for the spring dress I had Vivi in- good thing she had a sweater on. She never left the comfort of her stroller and blanket. Isaac loved seeing his teacher and the school mascot!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Our Little Girl

Vivi went for her one year check-up today and weighs in at a tiny 18 pounds! My goodness. I was hoping we could turn her carseat around because she really wants to see us. Looks like that won't happen until summer!
Doesn't Vivianna look like such a toddler in these pictures?! Today it really hit me that she is growing up. We took her bumper pads and crib skirt off to be washed in an effort to sell our lamb nursery set on Craigslist and we also took off her changing table from her dresser. (We are keeping all furniture for our next baby, and I am hopeful that atleast one of my children will get a gender specific nursery!). So now her room looks really different. But the biggest change came when we sold her rocker and ottoman! This is one of many things we have to sell so we can all fit in an apartment. We posted it last night for $50...apparently this was way too low because by today we had 26 emails of different people wanting to buy it!! So we said we would take the best offer and it was $100. Yeah!! I think we got the chair on sale new for $130 so that was a great deal! Here is the chair corner BEFORE

And here it is AFTER

A kitchen, living room, and garage fit for a little girl!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Vivianna is One Years Old

12 months old

Two days old

Well our baby girl has reached her one year milestone. Can it be that a year ago we were in Waco holding our sweet little Vivi? Tomorrow is her big birthday party. The house is pink, pink, pink! We are especially excited that her birthfamily is coming. This will be their first time to see her bedroom and all her pretty things. We can't wait! Stay tuned for party pics!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Party Planning

Ya'll know I love to plan a party! This Saturday is Vivianna's first birthday party and a first, first for me too! Isaac was a toddler when he came home and none of our foster children reached their Big milestone with us. So this is a fun, fun time for me. I came up with the theme of Pink Polka Dots back in August one day with Paige while we flipped through a Martha Stewart Kids entertaining magazine. I love the color pink and polka dots are so fun. The details have really been coming together for the party and I am so excited to see it all set up. I have had to be oh-so-resourceful as there is not a single party place in town or on the internet that has this theme all wrapped up for me. I stumbled across plates at Hobby Lobby, polka dot balloons online, cupcake wrappers at Michaels, pink hats and blowers at a place called Party Animal :) And various other things around town. I'll talk more about Vivi herself on her actual birthday and post pictures of the party this weekend. It is going to be A- Adorable!!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Prayer Request

Billy's Dad went into the hospital on Tuesday with pneumonia. He has progressively gotten worse. His white blood count was really high and they have not been able to express the fluid from his chest. He has 4 bags on is IV and the antibiotics they have been pumping into him have not been taking the infection away. Last night he was transferred to the intensive care unit of another hospital to await surgery this morning on the fluid. Billy is going to Houston on Tuesday and coming back Wed. night.

Please pray for his Dad to be healed, for the surgery to go well, and for him to be able to eat and walk around. Right now he does nothing but lay there trying to sleep. Also, please pray that Billy's travels will be safe.

I am nervous about him being gone even though it is only for 2 days. As you know, we have two very active children and it is tough to go that long without another adult around! I can't even shop with them these days because no grocery cart seatbelt can hold Vivi down, she wriggles and pulls to standing non-stop, and Isaac constantly talks! I have noticed lately I am at some store almost every day because I can never concentrate to remember everything I need!

Thanks for your prayers! I'll update when we get some significant news.

Friday, March 7, 2008

We found an apartment!

Yesterday we went to 5 different complexes and finally found one in our price range that had a 2 bedroom available in 3 weeks! We turned in our application and deposit today. We will now be residents of Carrollton, Texas. It is more square footage then we thought we would be able to get so that is a bonus! The kitchen and foyer are pergo and the kids have a big closet, yeah! And I love that the dining room is a separate room. Now we are waiting to hear if we are approved. It is a mile from the mall and one of my favorite kid's clothing stores...Carters! Not that I will have the money to shop there! :)

Here is our floor plan (minus the annoying fireplace)!

**UPDATE!!! Less than an hour after I posted this, they called and said we were the easiest approval that particular agent had ever had. Billy dropped off our stuff around 1:30 and we were approved 2 hours later. YEAH!!**

More Snow Pics

Our 8 inches of snow was of course still on the ground this morning. I had a peaceful drive into town to get a few groceries. The city roads were dry and the scenery was beautiful. And then we took the kids outside to play!

We found several HUGE icicles

My snow angel.
"Hey, where's your other eye? And why are you wearing my scarf?"

Lovin the snow!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

2 weeks before Spring and it is snowing in Texas!

The inspector and termite guys were here for 2 hours, checking out the house for the buyers. Those are some dedicated guys.

Vivi is not sure what to make of this cold stuff coming down from the sky.
It was pouring snow! She lasted about 10 minutes and then went in to Daddy and a dry pair of pajamas!

I'll post more pics tomorrow of our wintery fun, we have a snowman in the making!