Saturday, March 31, 2012

Jasmine's Sweet Shop First Birthday Party!!

Jasmine's baby cake.

The sign in table.

The tables throughout the room had candy themed centerpieces with little jellybean candy jars and tiny scoops that were a BIG hit!

Here is a spattering of friend photos...

Love how my friend's foster baby turned his head just in time so I could post this shot! :)

Soon it was cake time!
She was NOT sure what she thought about this cake!

Until Daddy gave her a taste.

I looked over after starting her video slideshow to see this:

She got the hang of it for sure!

Still going strong!

We opened presents at home.

She received SO many lovely, useful, and fun things!! We couldn't believe it.
She even did a little dance to celebrate. :)
Jasmine says to everyone who came to her party...

Friday, March 30, 2012

Early Gifts

This week Jasmine got some gifts in the mail. Cute outfits from one Great Aunt and an adorable toy purse from another:
She was very excited to take everything out.
The perfect gift for a one year old girl!
Her party is tomorrow!! Stay tuned for pics. :)

Thursday, March 29, 2012

My New Favorite Party Decor Piece

In just 2 days, 88 of our friends and family will join us to celebrate our baby turning one!
I am excited and humbled that so many want to make our baby's first birthday such a special one.

So as you can imagine, I have been a blur of party planning and shopping this week.
It has been fun! I haven't done a first birthday in 4 years.
THESE are my current PARTY loves...Ikea sells these little double sided picture frames on an adorable pedestal for only 99 cents a piece!! You read that right...ONE dollar. So they are now my favorite party decor item for the value and WOW factor.

All you do is screw the pedestal on and slide two pictures back to back between the two pieces of clear plastic, and slip them into the top!
They will make up a portion of the centerpieces on the 8 round tables at the party.
One more reason to heart Ikea!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Love Makes Little Things Grow

A year ago Jasmine weighed just under 6 lbs. Today she weighed 19 lbs. The Dr. was quite impressed that our low birth weight baby has made such progress!

What a year it has been!!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Someone is ONE.

Happy First Birthday to the baby that has lit up our world!
We love you, Jasmine Faith
~Daddy, Mommy, Isaac, Vivi, and Jayden