Monday, January 9, 2012

Party Detail Walk Through

When I am planning a party (approx. 2 months in advance), I start out by choosing a theme and the color scheme I want to go with. Then I scour blogs, Pinterest, google images, and event websites for ideas. Photos of people's wedding receptions give me a lot of great inspiration for my food tables. This party was a lot of craft involvement, so I thought I would share how I did some of the items for the party. I was a scissor cutting fool for about 2 weeks.
My right thumb is still recovering! You already saw how I did the balloon wreath, here.
But I also bought more balloons for the banner above the food table. It looked stunning but was fairly easy to do. Just blow up a variety of colors to match your decor to about the size you want your banner to be. I used 5 colors and the packs were 97 cents each for 15.
Then tie them together, alternating the sides they go on...leaving some space for hanging.
Once you hang them (staples work great!),
they have the appearance of helium balloons without the expense.
The total cost for this banner with the string was around $6 and included 60 balloons!
So then there was the extensive use of comic books. I went to Half Price Books and dug through dozens of comics focusing on Batman and Superman. They were 50 cents to a $1.50 a book, I bought about 6. I used brightly colored pages with my (50% off after Christmas) polka dot wrapping paper, in dollar tree black frames for decorations (4 of these).
I also cut a triangle template out and traced out a banner on 8 comic pages, stapling them to black and white polka dot ribbon.
And then I used darker old comic pages to make the letters here:
Just snip out the pages you want, put gloves on, and start painting! It is important to apply the mod podge to the letter before the papers go on and then paint the entire thing over after. The letters are $2.47 a piece at Hobby Lobby but if you plan in advance, you can go on a week they are 50% off which is what I did! Let them dry overnight.
This project took about 45 minutes to complete.

Now on to some of the food items. For the Super Bears, I made a pan of Rice Krispies, making sure to pack them as flat as possible. Then I sprayed a bear cookie cutter with Pam, and cut out 12 bears. After that I wrapped them in cellophane and refrigerated them so they would be firm enough to tie on felt capes and masks. I finished them off with a foam star sticker on the capes.

For the super hero lollipops, I simply downloaded a free cape and mask printable found here.

Finally I did snack cones for the first time.
I LOVED how these turned out and will likely be including them in all my parties from here on out. You can use a variety of papers and holders. I printed off black and white comic pages.
Here is the tutorial on these.

I found my BAM and POW signs on various websites.
Just google "superhero free printables" and print away!

I hope this post inspires you and shows that with a pair of scissors, a computer and printer, and your friends at Dollar Tree and Hobby Lobby ;)... you too can throw an amazing Super Hero party on a budget!

HERE is the rest of the party!

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Small Town Joy: said...

Oh my goodness this was all so cute! Party planning is my love language!

Debbie said...

Thank you for all the details. I hadn't even noticed the triangle banner. And I had no idea those balloons weren't filled with helium. Tricky and will be doing that for sure at our next party.

Laura said...

Super Cute! (No pun intended)
I LOVE LOVE LOVE the comic page "Jayden" letters... very creative!

FootPrints said...

I swear you throw the best parties!!! I'm bringing you to Hawaii to the babies 1st birthday!

Nicole Trager said...

Looks great!! I saw those tootsie pops on pinterest just days before the party and was wondering if you were going to do them.. and there they were. I think my fave thing is the city backdrop everywhere.. did you just use black butcher paper?

Laurie said...

Thank you! I loved how those turned out too. I forgot to mention that! No even easier than butcher paper...50 cent black and white poster boards from dollar tree, a ruler, and a pair of scissors!

Ashley said...

By the way, Laurie, I kept the little mask and cape from the rice crispy bear to use next Christmas on our Elf on the Shelf, Patch. They are just the right size!

Kim @ The Celebration Shoppe said...

I love all of your DIY Laurie! Those super hero bears are so cute. Fabulous job! And thanks for linking up this week. :)

Nicole Lounder said...

I saw this and started to laugh to myself!!! This is so me, I started planning Bella's birthday party last month and it is not till the middle of August!!! LOL!!! I start the same way with a theme and color scheme, then the searching begins!! I just finished her invitations and am not starting on the party gifts, personalized of course!!! I just blame it on my OCD and continue on my happy way of planning!!! LOVE IT!!!

Jenny said...

Love all your ideas for this party!!! My son's party is two weeks away!!!! Thanks so much!